Contagious Live London 2018

19 February 2018

Celebrating brilliant ideas, campaigns and marketing strategies Contagious Live is the must-go event! This September marked the fourth instalment of a brand-new London events series and our team were out in full force to give you the #SBInsiders highlights:

Did you know the sock industry is worth £42 billion pounds? The relevance? We simply love a fun fact and Contagious Live was full of them!

So here’s a sneak-peak into how the evening unfolded..

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Contagious founder Paul Kemp Robertson kicked things off presenting insights into brand bravery and the thinking behind their latest publication ‘The Contagious Commandments’ launching on 1st November. 

He suggests that for ultimate brand bravery, you must follow three simple rules:

Be useful    |    Be relevant    |    Be entertaining

And we couldn’t agree more! ‘If you’re asking someone to invest time into the content and services your brand is producing, you’d better be sure that what you are giving back has value.’ #PREACH!


Up Next, 2018’s top trend - aka ‘The Second Renaissance’.

Getty Images Art Director duo describe how young photographer’s latest inspiration is impacting our creative landscape and its consumers.

There’s a shift in repurposing imagery to create a more inclusive depiction of today’s society - ‘It’s where art direction meets art history’ and this notion really has our minds racing!


Last but not least, the faces behind Oasis’ legendary light-hearted The Togetherness Bottle campaign talked inspiration.

Robert Amstell, Creative Director at The Corner, explained that ‘Taking a humorous look at life and advertising from blatant celeb-endorsement to worthy brands with purpose’ is where you should draw your inspiration.

You should ‘create something that you would like to see yourself, otherwise all you’re doing is trying to tick boxes’ and no creative wants to be just a box ticker!


So here it is! #SBINSIDERS takeaway is simple:

Stay entertaining
Inspire with humour
Seek reference from old masters for the crème de la crème of trending in 2018.

And about those socks - we’re thinking ‘Sadds socks’ has a pretty good ring to it… hmmm food for thought!


Sponsored by Heineken, the beers were flowing, the pizza was in abundance and the networking scenes were in full swing. A big thank you to @Contagious for such a great night and @Framestore for hosting us in their very sleek offices.

See you next year!

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