EI Benchmark to be released in Spring 2020

13 November 2019

After months of tests, reports and analysis, our in-house Neuromarketing team are just a few months away from launching a pioneering new benchmark study, evaluating emotional effectiveness of campaign imagery and its correlation to brand perception. 


Working in partnership with Neuro-experts: CloudArmy, SB will release a benchmark rank across 5 sectors including: Automotive, Fragrance, Cosmetics, Beverage and Watches, with the aim of giving Marketing departments across the world, previously hidden insights into the effectiveness of their campaign imagery.
The 2020 Brand Benchmark includes over 50 brands (and counting), 100 campaigns, across 3 key image categories, testing against key marketing objectives including: Emotional Pull, Progressiveness, Quality, and Distinctiveness. 
Each sector also has a unique sector value attributed to it. These include: Trust, Gender and Performance. Using Engagement Insights, our mission is to decode the visual ingredients that are the key levers of emotional response, and the different visual recipes that drive brand association.
Watch this space for updates ahead of Spring 2020 launch.  
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