How imagery can make people feel emotional about practical products

04 October 2018

CEO Chris Christodoulou explains to Digital Arts Online how we use images in marketing and advertising campaigns to get people passionate about something as everyday as a fridge.

When was the last time you felt emotional about your refrigerator? Besides hunger, frustration when it stops working, or a sense of satisfaction at how well it complements your kitchen’s feng shui, that is.

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 11.48.39

For the most part, we don’t invest huge amounts of time thinking about the appliance that cools and stores our groceries. A refrigerator is defined more by utility than appearance or personal sentiment.

That's the challenge for creative production studios and agencies alike when crafting content for everyday appliance manufacturers. Films and images that trigger an emotional connection have been shown to outperform standard advertising two-to-one. But how do you evoke positive emotions around a functional, utilitarian device?

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