FOCUS London 2019

04 December 2019

Yesterday, SB’s Insight Analyst Callum Gould hosted his first ever presentation at FOCUS London and it was a complete success! 

His topic: "Art Vs Science: Is NeuroCreativity the answer to impactful imagery?"


His answer: Emotions drive consumer behaviour, therefore understanding the nonconscious impact of your brands’ imagery is key to the success of your brand.

Callum explained how Neuroscience is used to blend together scientific and creative approachesHere at SB we are able to do this through our revolutionary Engagement Insights® service, which reveals nonconscious, deeply emotional responses to images and video.

He spilled the ‘insight’ scoop on harnessing seemingly intangible data such as emotions and how we distill them into quantifiable data. 

This revolutionary system directs decision making at all stages of production and eliminates subjective ‘gut instincts’ when tackling large creative decision making processes. 

Basically he smashed it! 


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But it wasn’t the only thing that we loved - here are 5 tips and tricks we learned at FOCUS...

1. Cutting down production expenses

“Save Money, Save the Planet – how thinking sustainably can help your budget.” Aaron Matthews, Head of Sustainability at the BAFTAS, spoke about how going Green can actually cut your production costs, whilst most importantly shrinking your Carbon footprint. “There is not enough land on earth to plant enough trees to offset humanity's carbon footprint” therefore we must take action to reduce it as well. These actions can vary from replacing your methods of travel with more sustainable sources to delivering social media campaigns promoting positive environmental behaviours.

 2. Brexit's impact on production

We learnt from the British Film Institution’s talk that "whether we have a deal or no deal Brexit, this will have no effect on UK tax reliefs. These are protected, and will remain the same." Harriet Finney, Director of External Affairs. This is reassuring for many in the uncertain climate we are currently in…

3. Audience Participation is a winner

Audience engagement is key - proposing questions to your audience throughout a presentation and getting instant feedback, brings audiences back into the room. “Shout out the first thing that comes to mind when you see the next image?”... 



The shout outs: “refreshing" and "cold" amongst others!

Once you hit Q&As at the end of a presentation, you begin to understand how how receptive the room has been - great questions and even better answers! This is such a simple strategy to use and works effectively online too.

4. The importance of case studies

Any presentation highlighting real-world examples, effectiveness and harnessing new tools and softwares are by far the most engaging. Our Marie Bouttecon case study was an absolute crowd pleaser! 



5. Always carry business cards! 

You never know who you’re going to meet… 


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