Fourth Source: The Challenges of Selling Fragrance

26 February 2018

How best can CG be leveraged to sell fragrance packaging and speak to consumers’ deeper, more emotional instinctual desires? Our Senior Lighting Artist answers that question.

Fourth Source

More so than perhaps any other product on the market, fragrances and colognes advertisements are tasked with selling more than just physical packaging, and arguably far more than just a scent. Via the visual medium of these advertisements, brands must sell an image, lifestyle, and attitude – and all in one single image.

It’s all about creating a sense of mise en scène. The right actor, in the right pose, under carefully calibrated lighting and retouched in just the right way, can speak to these abstract undertones.

... The Power of CGI...
This is where is gets interesting. How do you communicate an aroma through CG lighting and modelling? 

Read the full article at Fourth Source.

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