Digital Media World: Saddington Baynes Captures Full-Body 3D Simulations in a Fiery Fight

19 July 2017

Digital Media World premieres our unique ‘Statue’ full-body 3D simulations, created in partnership with body-scanning experts.

dmw st

"Saddington Baynes in London has frozen a smouldering hot moment in a Muay Thai battle using full-body 3D photo scans they created with body-scanning specialists FBFX plus their internal R&D team SBLabs into custom FX and CG rendering. The artists developed procedural displacement techniques, complex shaders and dynamic particle simulations to produce the scene, titled ‘Statue’. 

James Digby-Jones, Executive Creative Director at Saddington Baynes, said they wanted to create a project to demonstrate their work with complex simulations and highly detailed 3D characters, as well as creative storytelling and visual effects skills. To achieve so much detail required meticulous planning. SBLabs blocked out early concepts in Cinema 4D to test the effectiveness of different poses, design the choreography and direct the camera path." 

Read the full article on Digital Media World.

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