3D Total: FX & CG studio interview

02 August 2017

An interview with our Creative Director: Photogrammetry, FX & CG take centre stage as 3D Total explore our technically complex Project Statue spot.

3dt st

3dtotal: Hi, tell us a little about yourself and Saddington Baynes.

Andrew White: Hi – I'm the Creative Director at Saddington Baynes. I have a high level of creative and problem-solving skills, and experience in managing large teams of CG artists working on a number of projects concurrently. Our projects here involve the art direction of location HDRI shoots, green screen studio, live action on location, storyboard conception, TVC regional amends via CG integration to live action, lighting rendering through to final composite, and development of look and feel.

Read the full article on 3D Total.

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