How Neurocreativity Is Optimising Content Creation

19 February 2019

SB's Chris Christodoulou and NeuroStrata's Thom Noble exclusively reveal how Neurocreativity can optimise emotional impact and consumer perception of visual content.


As Chris and Thom explain, almost all of our thinking is done at a non-concious level, firstly we feel an emotional resonance and then we rationalise, proving that emotional communication has a much higher impact upon the consumer.

Do you know to what extent consumers emotionally engage with the visual content that your brand is putting infront of them?

This is where SB's exclusive Engagement Insights® service comes into play... 

Discover how SB have partnered with NeuroStrata to create a service that enables us to provide deep insights about consumer perception by measuring the visual impact, emotional engagement and 'fit-to-brand' of campaign imagery.

Watch the full presentation on Creativepool to find out more.

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