5 things we learnt from IIEX Behaviour UK

21 November 2019

The SB Team supported our CEO Chris Christodoulou and CloudArmy President Thom Noble at the IIEX Behaviour UK event.

In their speech, ‘NeuroCreativity: Augmenting the Creative Process with Agile, Online Consumer Insights', Chris and Thom explained how SB’s revolutionary Engagement Insights® uses Neuroscience techniques to produce quantified data on seemingly immeasurable aspects of the non-conscious, such as Emotional Pull and Attribute Resonance of brand imagery. 
This is done by measuring implicit associations through timed response tests - therefore allowing us to supplement our creative intuition and settle debates throughout all stages of production.
The findings encourage us to rethink the rules of what drives perception and guides behaviour. Accompany us on our behaviour revolution to find out how your brand’s imagery is being perceived using Engagement Insights®.
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Here are 5 things we learnt at IIEX
- Brands should invest more money into building Behavioural Science methodologies into their decision-making process. If companies can bring this way of thinking in-house, it will allow them to integrate behavioural insights into their everyday operations. Start small and invest in people who are willing to buy in and show quick, measurable change.
- There's an actual behavioural change model! If you are a marketer wanting to inspire change or create, Behavioural Scientists are an integral part of the Marketing output to build more trust and understand consumer motivation.
Personalisation on any level, with any budget, has a positive impact and noticeable effect on changing consumer behaviour. Getting messages right means finding a way to make the consumer feel truly relevant. 
Emotional incentives sell more products, for example labelling singular bananas ‘Pick me, I'm single' creates an emotive response from the consumer. This can also be done by contextualising the consumers’ rewards, i.e. receiving a text stating the cost to the NHS if you miss your appointment is more likely to evoke action than a simple time reminder. 
- We are currently understanding a global behavioural change revolution... RIGHT NOW!


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