The story behind Marie Boutteçon Timepieces

07 February 2020

Inspired by a gorgeous blend of 1970’s fashion and Haute Horlogerie, fine jewellery and stunning watch design - Marie Boutteçon and Etienne Ruffieux joined forces to launch their own brand. With their values and life ethos aligned, the designers have created a brand that reflects their personalities and gives way to perfect authenticity.


The result? A modern twist on traditional timepiece designs and marketing - a change in opinions and a core belief - A watch brand, which is effortlessly more powerful as a lifestyle brand. The watch itself is a piece of fine jewellery, with interchangeable bezels, which can be swapped out to reflect your style or mood. It’s an excellent piece of craftsmanship in and of itself, however, what’s exciting about this brand is that they have made a watch for every woman, for any lifestyle - and in doing so, have created the watch into a symbol for empowering women.


This is creativity at its best. It’s simple and it’s effective. 


When we met, Marie and Etienne were still in brand development, deciding on a name and logo that reflected their vision and watch design, and we were able to jump in and help steer the direction using Engagement Insights®, before expanding our neuro-led creative production expertise across all their campaign imagery. 


Engagement Insights® uses implicit neuroscience techniques to measure nonconscious associations and discovers how consumers really feel about your brand. We measure emotional response, arguably the most important metric as emotionally engaging campaigns are more than twice as likely to have higher ROI. And we can measure this during production and before launch. De-risking creative and spend, while increasing confidence in brand and campaign success. 


For Marie and Etienne, we tested a range of brand names and logos against their brand values and the results helped focus their direction and ensured brand consistency across design and communications. Once complete, we used EI to steer the creative process for the animations and stills, ensuring they were as poetic, feminine and flexible as the watch. 


In collaboration we brought to life a brand and their launch campaign using neuro-led creative production and it has been a pure success story. The end result was incredible, we truly captured the luxurious and natural elements that the watches were inspired by. It was a perfect partnership that has built an awesome brand: Marie Boutteçon Timepieces.


“From early concepts to final animations, SB’s Art Director Luis Cardoso, captured the magic, inherently understanding the textures, colours and lighting we were after. Together with Gosia, Phil, Ellie and the whole SB squad – they get the balance just right.” - Marie Boutteçon.




CEO Chris Christodoulou on working with Marie and Etienne: “As a creator-owned company, we love partnering with like-minded people who share our passion for craft, quality and creativity.” Delve into the production of this campaign and see how we brought it to life.


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