A Marketer’s Guide to Measuring Brand Perception

28 January 2021

After catching up with Head of Insights Callum Gould, on the evolution of neuroscience in market research, we wanted to answer your mind-boggling questions on perception and its influence on brand identity.

What is perception?


Perception is the way in which something is regarded, understood, or interpreted. The way people interpret their thoughts and feelings is by creating mental associations.

Associations are built in the mind:

We have pathways in the brain that connect different associations with different memories. Think of this like a constellation, some seem connected and others more distant.

PI_Constellation Head_960px (1)

Understanding the constellations, or associations


Understanding why images are perceived differently


First you feel,

then you think:

We know from neuroscience research that we have non-conscious thoughts (System 1) and conscious thoughts (System 2). These systems feed each other and influence the way we process emotions.

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How does perception impact brand identity?


Measuring consumer’s perspective is key in understanding what factors form positive or negative associations with a brand’s identity, and in turn can help you develop and adapt your brand’s visual language accordingly.

If you have the ability to understand perception you are able to influence your consumers on these three points.


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Align your brand values Ensure a cohesive brand identity Hit your target audience
It is important for a brand's values to be reflected in the visual components of their brand imagery, e.g. product placement, logos, colours, fonts, website layouts and more. When brand imagery with brand values are accurately aligned we can develop an understanding between clientcreative and consumer. By measuring perception we can uncover trends based on demographic data, e.g. age, gender & geographical location, which can steer a brand’s identity in the right creative direction based on their target audience.

How can you measure perception?


Using neuroscience techniques we can break down the visual components of imagery and uncover non-conscious thoughts, all whilst eradicating unconscious biases. Our Engagement Insights® service uses neuroscience techniques to measure implicit associations and consumer perception of campaign imagery. Measuring perception allows us to see what visual elements trigger certain emotional responses.

We use EI to understand a brand's visual language and align their vision with their values. We offer consultancy and optimisation services, with the aim of ensuring you understand how customers perceive your visuals.

Here is an example of Engagement Insights® in practice with our Marie Boutteçon project.
The Brief - To build a brand from the ground up ensuring they launched with ultimate brand consistency from logo, to name to campaign imagery.


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 View Marie Boutteçon
In summary, perception goes hand in hand with brand identity. Understanding your consumers’ emotions and feelings will allow for more impactful marketing.

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