Beverage Advertising: Will It Leave You Parched?

04 May 2021

Using our pioneering neuro-led research service, Engagement Insights®, we measured image perception against key marketing values, campaign imagery from leading brands across the Automotive, Fragrance, Cosmetics, Watches & Beverage sectors, in order to produce tangible results and deepen our understanding of what visual ingredients emotionally engage your audience.


Sector by sector, we’re unveiling key insights into demographic splits. Last in the series, we have the beverage sector.



The beverage brands we selected to test include a mix of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, in order to gain a better understanding of how perception changes between the two product categories.


Sector Value

The sector value chosen was feminine - this value was chosen because many of the alcoholic brands are tailored to a male audience. By testing this we are able to discover whether this is reflected in the imagery.



The Results

Overall, the beverage sector ranks last across the 5 sectors included in the benchmark. Effectively meaning that consumers have the weakest emotional associations with beverage campaign imagery. This is primarily driven by beverage brands consistently scoring low across modern, premium quality and the sector value (where it averaged in the bottom 20%).


PI Sector overall table




Significantly, US respondents have the strongest positive emotional pull to the beverage sector, which is interesting as the campaigns tested were for the EU market. Conversely, UK respondents rank beverages as having the weakest emotional pull overall.


Beverages Geog



Women perceive beverage imagery as the least premium sector across the whole benchmark. This may be due to a high number of the campaigns being targeted towards the luxury male market and therefore the imagery does not engage with women successfully.


Beverages Men vs Women




Older respondents (over 40s) have stronger associations with 4 out of 5 of the attributes vs. younger respondents. Younger respondents, however, perceive the imagery to be more premium than the older respondents. This is the only sector where this occurs.


Beverages Age


In conclusion, the results suggest that consumers are less engaged with beverage campaign imagery compared to automotive, fragrance, cosmetic and watch sectors. Although respondents find beverage campaign imagery unique, the overall score makes it clear audiences are disengaged. The results also suggest EU marketing campaigns seem to emotionally engage US audiences better.


Stay tuned for the insight scoop on the other sectors we tested in the Perception Index®


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