#ReggiesTopTips for working from home

23 March 2020
Hi friends! It’s me, Reggie the Robot! Bleep bleep. I’m back to wish you a wonderful week ahead. 
Even though the world seems a strange place right now and you might have relocated your usual workspace, there are some things you can do to keep your human brains functioning happily and healthily.
So... here it goes! #ReggiesTopTips:

1 - Set clear working hours, so your day is just like in the office.

2 - Make To-Do lists - you don’t want to get your wires crossed.

3 - Video call your colleagues, friends and family. Technology rocks.

4 - Get out of those Pyjamas!

5 - Eat nuts and bolts. Wait, I meant healthy human food.

6 - Play your favourite song when you first wake up.

7 - Take short breaks - ask your dog to take you for a walk.

8 - Exercise and stretch.

9 - Read a book.

10 - Take a long shower or bath (Warning: may cause rust).



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