Render Crowds™ - Our Customised CG Simulation Workflow

21 September 2017

Render Crowds™ is our complete solution for creatives and brands wishing to push the boundaries of working with digital talent. Using Render Crowds™, a scene can be instantly populated with thousands of ant-sized digital characters without any time consuming setup.

Characters generated via Render Crowds™ and comprised of directable aerial graphics move towards a precise target with complete control over their styling, choreography, and behaviour. Avatars have the ability to sing and dance, or be cast in stone and explode. Infinite possibilities for repositioning and re-styling allow artists to effectively return to a 'virtual set'; or to create new elements after a shoot.

Our service has already been adopted by brands such as Abbvie, AT&T and Cheerios. Resulting animations create a lively backdrop, sense of bustle, or intricate birds-eye view patterns – for both super high res stills and motion scenes.

An unexpected blessing for art directors; Render Crowds™ enables full creative freedom to develop a scene exactly as it is first imagined. It also minimizes time spent sourcing talent and on shoots. We developed Render Crowds™ to add to our cutting-edge creative studio to standby our mission - to create sensational imagery, ad campaigns and commercials that move viewers the world over.

Render Crowds™ is the aggregation of many years of working with digital talent and cast members. It’s all about natural movement, directing thousands of elements to build a graphic shape from an aerial viewpoint. Whether running, jumping or even shifting weight while standing still (idling), we can call on a database of actual motion-captures of live performances. It’s also about capturing the most miniscule of details: down to skin pores, fine hairs and translucency.” James Digby Jones, ECD

Why not take a look at some of our Render Crowds™ case studies:

Having previously handled several still image projects for AT&T to great success, this was a chance for Saddington Baynes to demonstrate skill across multiple platforms with this dynamic digital banner campaign. The challenge here was to create a seamless flow of character movement from one graphic logo to the next, maintaining continuity and realism in a looped video.

Render Crowds™ shows promise for conceptual VFX action shots, as demonstrated by the success of our multi Award winning Project Statue. When the camera is slow panning past the ear of a close up portrait, it’s about perfecting all the seemingly infinite details of a shot.

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