SB joins the APA

28 October 2019

We are extremely pleased to announce that Saddington Baynes is now a part of the prestigious APA! 

APA logo_original
The APA is a globally recognised trade body originally formed as the AFPA, in addition to the British Film Producers Association (BFPA), in 1978. It then became the AFVPA in 1982, which it was known as until 2000. Today, the APA maintains the purpose of creating industry standards and providing professional development for UK commercial production, editing, VFX, audio post and music companies.

The APA host outstanding networking events and demos. They are largely known for the annual APA Collection & Show which celebrates our industry and the fantastic work in it, screening 50 of the best UK commercials in mesmerising venues.

We look forward to immersing ourselves with like-minded luminaries at APA’s future shows!


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