Key Takeaways from IIeX EU 2020

09 March 2020

We had an incredible time attending IIeX EU last month in Amsterdam! It was a huge gathering of the top people, brands and agencies from the insights industry conducting presentations, talks and live podcasts. 


Having developed our own insights service Engagement Insights®, SB Team members Callum, Ellie and Julia enjoyed uncovering how other brands and agencies are innovating their own research and using their findings to propel their products and campaign reach.


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Our 4 key takeaways from IIeX EU:


1. Real trade offs = Real behavioural data

In order to get an unbiased understanding, your participants need to have a real stake in your research, or at least they must believe they do. A talk by Veylinx, ‘Will The Real Behavioural Research Please Stand Up?’ provided an example where a group of participants were hypothetically asked if they would donate $8 to a scholarship fund, to which 78% answered ‘yes’, comparable to the considerably lower 38% who answered ‘yes’ when asked to donate for real. This ultimately shows that to gauge purchase intent, you cannot simply ask your audience.


2. Intricate models are formed from simple collaborations

Brands used to simply buy data from research agencies, but now collaborations mean brands have more of a say in which research methods are used to collect the data and in turn develop models tailored to their brand. An example of this was shown to us by COTY, home to global luxury beauty brands, where they have used the KANO model to help find their USP through understanding consumers perception of functionality Vs satisfaction.


3. Triangulation of data

This means that using more than one method of collecting data can validate your research. Everything is being questioned nowadays, especially by the consumer. Uncertainty leads to empowered responsibility and a change in consumer behaviours. This change in behaviours therefore requires new business objectives. Key features in a successful business include making a stand, transparency and staying true to your values. This will result in consumer and brand relevance.


4. ‘Disrupting a category’ makes for a more successful ad

Ads perform better when they break the stereotypical mould of what is to be expected by that particular industry. Tapestry Research’s presentation “The Emotional Power of Advertising: Getting to the Bigger Picture” highlighted the power of a charity advert which did not stick to the slow, sad pace of a usual charity advert, it instead featured a cheeky boy talking matter-of-factly about typically taboo subjects surrounding death and illness. This ad was proven to be more engaging as it was unexpected and incorporated humour in an otherwise bleak space.


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The event itself was seamlessly executed, with fine catering and a handy in-event app to inform you of the schedule and to let you connect with other event-goers.


Thanks for having us IIeX!


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