2020: A long journey for a small tortoise

23 December 2020

You've met #TortelliniTheTortoise, read his story on our #SBBlog, now follow his journey through this slow and not-so steady year...

New year, new perspectives - we remember taken for granted socialising, partying, hugging and seeing the ones we love.
With talks of lockdowns and a global pandemic, our worlds ground to a halt. Plans adapted, perspectives changed and we started planning for a virtual and grounding 2020.
As the world went into lockdown, we found ourselves having a global shortage of loo paper.
April's joy was found online, via virtual quizzes, meetings and comms. In some ways, the most connected we've been to each other.
When the world wasn't safe, we entertained friendly competitions. The rise of puzzles and board game sales skyrocketed in May. As did our competitive streaks!
The UK opens up shop in time for Summer and we can finally say hello to our high streets again.
Our favourite English pastime opens their doors again. Pubs and bars across the UK welcomed us with a pint and a good old fashioned 'Cheers!'
Across the realm, every garden celebrated with their trusty steeds (BBQs) within the Covid-19 compliant rule of 6. Sausages sizzled, families gathered, friends reminisced and parties were celebrated.
At first, it was great, our office reopened, our team got to see each other briefly. But as the pandemic took hold for the second time, we retreated into our shells.
On All Hallow's Eve, the UK announced a month long lockdown, and we prepared for virtual life once again.
With the promise of family Christmases far and wide, our country went into lockdown again. We dreamed, we communicated and we remembered what this year has taught us and what we're grateful for.
Families preparing to be reconnected at long last, our students are home, our work is done and dusted and our grandparents are being vaccinated. It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!
 Find out more about Tortellini's role of Studio Runner.

December 2020 has unique surprises in store -
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