Volume Asset Creation

14 May 2018

SB expands Volume Asset Creation (VAC) service - Highly configurable imagery solution moves beyond automotive to new sectors, enabling deep, flexible customisation of images for a greater variety of brands.

We're expanding our innovative Volume Asset Creation service to new sectors, enabling new brands and campaigns to benefit from deep image customisation and flexibility.


We have pioneered VAC via sophisticated CGI production techniques over the past decade, primarily with a focus on the automotive sector. By bringing VAC beyond automotive to sectors such as FMCG, beauty and beverage, more brands can access a smart, efficient and more automated way to deliver varied, high-quality work.

VAC directly addresses the need for highly configurable imagery in today’s production landscape. By automating previously laborious creative processes and enabling image production at large quantity, VAC enables teams to easily keep brand imagery up to date and more deeply personalise the customer experience.

Chris Christodoulou, CEO of Saddington Baynes, comments: “It's time to look beyond the limitations of traditional production methods for volume asset creation. The move to real-time creative is beginning. How can your brand stay ahead of the curve? Configurable image solutions might just be the only way forward.

Volume Asset Creation and the new creative landscape

VAC is the method of production designed to meet the demand for high-volume, highly customisable marketing assets without compromising quality.

Underpinned by more automated pipeline processes, creatives can simultaneously tailor hundreds of visual assets for specific markets and in multiple languages. For instance, in the automotive field, we can provide a wealth of variations on a single vehicle – from alternate headlights or tyres, to interior upholstery, and any other specification available. These configurable solutions allow consumers to build their own bespoke car via a manufacturer’s website. Brands can more easily personalise marketing campaigns without the need to create entirely new assets.

We are now enabling this digital production process across a much greater range of product sectors. From beverage and cosmetic products to footwear, configurable image solutions can enable seamless customisation any aspect of a shot. For instance, a new line of trainers can easily be tweaked, with VAC allowing for quick-and-easy swapping out of materials, colours, stitching and initials.

In today’s fast moving creative landscape, unique pipeline automation is a must. Traditional approaches to consumer customisation are simply too limiting in an era where more imagery is required across more channels. VAC enables a faster and more flexible approach to asset customisation. Market sectors beyond automotive have recognised that breaking from tradition and adopting this approach can solve the challenges they face in creating more imagery for more platforms, while simultaneously reducing shoot costs.

The automated pipeline processes that power VAC have also enabled Saddington Baynes’ artists to work smarter and deliver high volume work in shorter time frames. This frees up artists to concentrate on delivering sensational imagery, with no compromise on quality, rather than painstakingly producing slight variations on a single image.

Game Engine enhancement

The powerful real-time toolsets within gaming engines are set to further enhance the possibilities of VAC. Although more commonly utilised as a next-generation gaming solution, the advanced real-time capabilities will be used by our team to further enhance the visual experience and user interactivity within its automated customisation pipeline.

In future iterations of VAC, users will be able to interact with video in real-time to select product specifications, or take a virtual test drive in a car kitted out to their unique requirements.

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