WFH Series: Juggling family life

21 July 2020

Since March, the SB Team has been working remotely due to Covid-19. Working from home (WFH) presents many challenges. This interview series gets in depth with SB Team members on the highs and lows of their individual journeys.


Today’s interview explores how Andy Walsh, Head of Retouch, is managing with WFH whilst juggling family life.



What are the most difficult things about WFH with a family to manage? E.g. distractions, food shopping, coordinating with your partner/family?

The kids have definitely been a distraction. Mainly I have been doing comms during the day and some retouching if I have deadlines. But mostly all of the retouching at night. So I’m pretty knackered.


What are three things you are doing to combat these challenges?

I’m trying to work in shifts with the wife, but it’s difficult as we both need to be on calls quite a lot. Keeping the kids busy has been a challenge too. Luckily the weather’s been really nice so the kids have been in the garden quite a lot. We have lots of garden toys. Slide, trampoline, ball pit and even a playhouse. All of which we feel is a good investment.

Getting them to do arts and crafts including painting, drawing and making stuff has also helped to keep the kids busy.


Have you found any advice online on how to manage this? If so, which articles/websites have you found helpful?

We mostly have been getting our advice from my daughter’s school which has been really helpful.


What are some tips or advice for other people in the same situation as you?

Alcohol, lots and lots of alcohol.


What are you doing to split up your workdays weekends?

Work, play, work, play, work, kids to bed, drink, work and then pass out.


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