WFH Series: Kids edition

07 July 2020

Since March, the SB Team has been working remotely due to Covid-19. Working from home (WFH) presents many challenges. This interview series gets in depth with SB Team members on the highs and lows of their individual journeys.


Today’s interview explores how ECD James Digby-Jones is managing running the company remotely with his two young children at home.



What are the most difficult things about WFH with kids? E.g. distractions, food shopping, coordinating with your partner/family.

The kids’ fighting, shouting, whinging, telling and tantrums are a distraction for me. This is not helped by the late nights spinning the 'grocery-delivery-slot' roulette wheel.


What are three things you are doing to combat these challenges?

Essentially, we need to give the kids structure in their day, exercise to burn off accumulated energy and a healthy mix of learning and fun.


Have you found any advice online on how to manage this? If so, which articles/websites have you found helpful?

There are plenty of social posts sharing creative Lockdown ideas, plus the kids’ school has been great preparing home learning packs that we are using despite technically being on school holiday.


What are some tips or advice for other people in the same situation as you?

Tablets were taking over, and as much as the ‘digital babysitters’ would work for periods, to allow other things to be done around the house, it started to bite us when the stress levels and screen time became unhealthy. We now have a schedule of morning activities and behaviours that earn afternoon screen time, and at the moment this is the biggest motivator for a calmer household.


What are you doing to split up your workdays/weekends?

Weekends are strictly family time. Playing with the kids and inventing games to play to keep things varied and interesting, with lots of physical games and while we can, get as much sunlight as possible. During the week, I am in my bedroom/office as much as possible to be able to concentrate on work.


What hobbies are you focusing on whilst in isolation?

Exercise mainly, I’m doing distinctly fewer steps than when travelling to the office and running around all day like a mad man, so dedicating time to do cardio and weight work is hopefully going to keep the Isolation drift in check... That and I’ve picked up a pack of cards again to revive my sleight of hand tricks of olde.



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