WFH Series: Over 70’s in the household

14 July 2020

Since March, the SB Team has been working remotely due to Covid-19. Working from home (WFH) presents many challenges. This interview series gets in depth with SB Team members on the highs and lows of their individual journeys.


Today’s interview explores how Marketing Executive Sara Alam is WFH with someone over 70 in her household.



What are the most difficult things about WFH with a person over 70 in your household? E.g. distractions, food shopping, coordinating with your partner/family.

My grandmother has a timely routine that she sticks to daily; from the time she wakes up, to her favourite TV drama at 2:30 pm, to when she eats and goes to bed. Having to work around her schedule so that we both have our own space whilst I'm WFH, but also spend some quality time together has all been a bit challenging. 


What are three things you are doing to combat these challenges?

Small things like taking time to have lunch together or going on walks to the local park after work has done wonders. Although we developed a habit of reciting out loud a checklist of precautions before we leave the house. Mask? Check. Gloves? Check. Hand sanitiser? Check. And we certainly don't play around when it comes to social distancing.


Have you found any advice online on how to manage this? If so, which articles/websites have you found helpful?

Not so much from online articles or websites, but we have family members in Italy who have gone through far stricter restrictions and they've given us a lot of advice on how to take extra precautions. 


What are some tips or advice for other people in the same situation as you?

Being locked up in your house makes it hard to differentiate between what's work time and free time so communication is key. 


What are you doing to split up your workdays/weekends?

Weekdays mostly consist of me locked up in my room trying to get work done. Whereas I tend to stay out of my room as much as possible on weekends. 


What hobbies are you focusing on whilst in isolation?

Mostly been painting - one project can take me up to a week so that keeps me plenty busy.



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