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14 July 2017

We had the absolute delight of welcoming Phoebe into our studio for a week to see how we work and what inspires us to innovate and create everyday! Phoebe is currently working on a few projects for Graphic Design and Digital Media, including creating promotional material for an LGBT awareness charity and making a stop-motion animation film. We asked her to write a diary of her time at SB - Read her story here...


I am a second year college student studying Graphic Design, Media Studies and Psychology. My main interest lies in Graphic Design, Art and Digital Media. Therefore, completing work experience at SB was an amazing fit and a great opportunity to get a feel for what it's like working in the creative industry; from pitches to final deadlines, project reviews to concept kick-offs, I shadowed each team to truly get under the skin of creative production.

Follow my journey below...

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Day 1 with the Marketing Team...

After navigating my way to the studio I was greeted with warm welcomes and smiles every morning, without fail! It's always refreshing to have such a great reception when coming into a new environment, not knowing what to expect.

On my first day, I was hosted by Meghan and Ellie from the Marketing team to gain an insight into what each team does and what I'd be doing. I worked with Meghan creating GIFs for the website in Premiere Pro. It was really cool to use my skill set in a professional environment and work on live projects in the studio! 

Meghan walked me through the marketing processes at SB, she outlined the importance of social media in showcasing your work whilst always staying relevant with current affairs and creating a social buzz, which is something I will always keen in mind from now on.

Day 2 with the Retouchers...

Throughout the week, I shadowed people from all over the studio. First stop was Callum 'The Retouch Guy.' Callum showed me a range of techniques on Photoshop and gave me a deep-dive behind the scenes look into what retouching entails. 

He showed me shortcuts on Photoshop that I will definitely be using in my own work along with new techniques when using the pen tool in Photoshop. I loved seeing what goes into image creation and learnt so much that is going to make my personal projects a lot easier to create! 

Day 3 - Shadowing the Compositors...

Something I really enjoyed this week was sitting with Jim, one of the compositors. Jim walked me through what a compositor does (because I didn’t know anything about compositing) and he showed me one of the projects he was currently working on and how he navigates and responds to client feedback.

I learnt about the complexity of compositing and what it takes to make imagery look awesome, while keeping in mind what the client's wishes are. 

Day 4 – Shadowing the Production team...

When shadowing 'Big Mac' (one of the editors,) he showed me how to colour grade footage and how affective colour grading is in making the footage look good. This was very helpful and I am going to take what I learnt away with me when editing my film. I also had fun working with all the transitions in the edits, I found it really satisfying! 

I loved watching the raw footage being turned into incredibly emotive edits, before being sent to the client for approval. It’s amazing how small changes made in the editing process can make such a big difference.

SB Community...

My days at SB have consisted of speaking with lots of interesting people who specialise in a variety of areas like marketing, editing, retouching and CGI production. Everyday I was given the chance to join in on project meetings, which was really inspiring as I was able to see ideas develop and manifest over the week into exciting plans and initatives. 

Not only did I have a great experience in the studio, I also got shown around the local area by Meghan. With Exmouth Market and Leather Lane just a stone's throw away from the studio, we had a great time on our lunch breaks too. 



Throughout this week I've really felt like part of the SB community and have enjoyed being immersed in a creative environment, especially such a warm and relaxed one that Sadds prides themselves on. They're creative, collaborate and definitely courageous!

I've really enjoyed my time here and would love to revisit the team again in the future, whether it's more work experience or to just visit. 

Thank you Team SB!



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