Creative Insights Analyst

Reporting to the COO

SB is an award-winning Creative Production Agency with an international reach that produces beautiful imagery and digital solutions for brands and advertising agencies.


We were the original pioneers of digital retouching in 1991, and one of the very first post production studios to fully harness the potential of CGI and develop in-house capability. Today, we continue to innovate and stretch creative and technical boundaries, with fully integrated production that encompasses everything from CGI, and animation to shoot production and VFX. 


We have ambitious plans for the Saddington Baynes brand. We need a ​Creative Insights Analyst​ with a thirst for knowledge, an inquisitive mind and proactive approach, who will feed valuable insights back into the business. This is a small team, with big dreams, on a mission to change how marketing imagery is created, so we want you to get stuck into a whole array of hands-on tasks and bring ideas, energy and action to the table.


Reporting into the COO, you will work closely with the Production, Marketing and Sales teams to design, research and implement neurocreativity, bringing art and science together to enable SB to create more emotionally effective content. You will be working across a range of sectors for both internal research initiatives and client consultancy services.  


What is neurocreativity?


The role of Creative Insights Analyst sits at the heart of Saddington Baynes’ unique methodology of content creation called Engagement Insights®. This approach uses neuroscience to empower creatives with data driven evidence as to which visual elements are the most effective at an emotional level, something we call neurocreativity.


Using this has allowed Saddington Baynes to be pioneers in understanding exactly how creatives can break down compositional features of a campaign and tie them directly to specific emotions that consumers feel based on that content. 


How a customer emotionally reacts to a piece of content, at a non-conscious, neurological level, gives the most accurate prediction on future behaviour, Anchoring our creative direction by using the audiences emotions we are able to give our clients the confidence that their campaign is going to elicit the response they are looking for, increasing the probability of a positive ROI.


As a Creative Insights Analyst, you will be pivotal in pushing this knowledge forwards, understanding current and future trends in creativity. There will be significant opportunities to be involved in something which is genuinely industry-leading and will continue to reveal exciting new findings into the consumer neuroscience field. 


Key Responsibilities

  • Design, research and implement implicit neuroscience studies across a range of sectors and image styles to deliver actionable insights to understand the emotional impact of different visual content. 
  • Projects will include working on live client creative projects as well as deep diving into systematically testing different visual ingredients to unlock the specific triggers that drive certain emotional engagement, providing insights to the whole SB Production team as part of Saddington Baynes’ Insights Cookbook.
  • To analyse and generate insights based on the results of testing you have created. The results are to be visualised and developed into insight reports and client decks identifying actionable data and image trends and results from tests.
  • Work closely with neuroscience partners CloudArmy to run tests through their Reactor Platform and gain deep insights and predictive analytics about consumer perception of content and optimising the emotional impact and fit-to-brand of campaign imagery.
  • Working closely with our various insights partners including panel providers and insights platform providers to deliver the most effective insights for the SB team.
  • To be the insights lead on all related projects, developing relationships directly with the client to understand their requirements.
  • Weekly reporting on all activity: CTAs, results, news and forecasts to line manager[s].
  • As the primary Saddington Baynes Insights Stakeholder you will create and circulate reports to improve SB understanding of industry sectors and provide actionable insights to ultimately help boost sales and marketing activity.


Additional Support

  • Work closely with the marketing department to help create and circulate a weekly news round-up, focusing on your research - insights surrounding psychology and neuro-based techniques.
  • Report internally on all insights findings as part of the Saddington Baynes Insights Cookbook to allow the creation of regular blogs for the SB website.
  • To work with various external PR agencies and the SB Marketing department to deliver various thought-leadership articles and other PR opportunities (inclusive of speaking opportunities).
  • Assisting with the delivery of internal communications to update staff on company neurocreativity activities, to ultimately improve team knowledge and boost company morale.
  • Instrumental in maintaining an open channel of communication with SB key stakeholders.
  • Work closely with the sales team to provide support on all bid opportunities, delivering an insights-first approach to creating content.
  • Feedback from industry events, trends, conversations etc. to provide the sales team with any productive leads and opportunities.
  • Develop decks for bids and presentations in order to inform potential clients about the Saddington Baynes offering.
  • Weekly update of internal CRM for visibility over all KPIs and potential insights leads.
  • Where appropriate, developing and updating the Engagement Insights offering based on industry demand, new technology and competitor landscape.


Required Skills

  • Analytically minded and curious.
  • Experienced with statistical analysis software and data visualisation software.
  • Real understanding and enthusiasm for neuroscience and behavioural sciences.
  • Ability to work with initiative and confidence without heavy supervision.
  • Excellent communicator and listener with good interpersonal skills.
  • Proactivity. Strong self-management.
  • Enthusiasm about becoming an expert and specialist in our industry.
  • Journalistic, investigative mindset, who’s meticulous and diligent.
  • Resourceful and self-motivated.
  • Calmness and clear thinking under pressure.
  • Stakeholder management, ability to translate complex insights into actionable recommendations, both internally and externally.

Bonus Talents

  • Experience with data visualisation Tableau and Tableau Data Prep.
  • Experience with statistical analysis platform JMP.
  • Competence in Photoshop, InDesign or Illustrator.
  • Critical eye and appreciation for imagery and visual content.
  • Prior understanding of the ad industry and the workings of image creation.


Be courageous. Take pride. Collaborate.

That’s all we ask of our people. Then we set them free to create some of the most impressive imagery in the industry. Our team of creative directors, artists and producers innovate on a daily basis, and constantly put their creativity on the line to come up with the right solution for our clients. Everyone at Saddington Baynes takes responsibility for the work they produce. This is how we behave…

We’re courageous - We take risks, innovate, try new things, push forward, and challenge preconceptions.

We take pride - We exceed expectations, deliver fantastic experiences, take responsibility, sweat the small stuff, check everything, embrace the detail, and think ahead to deliver the Saddington Baynes standard.

We collaborate - We are open with (and to) new ideas, share techniques, listen to feedback, guide and mentor each other. We are considerate, sympathetic, honest and courteous; we treat people with respect, and are generous with our time.


Meet our People

Marie Boutteçon

You are absolutely AMAZING. We have no words! Imagery is splendid and the details - I mean - when the bubble is exploding and transforms into metal; and the movement of the pretty snake. We are full of joy and happiness today. Thank you for your fabulous work, I would love to hug you all right now! We are very lucky we met and now we can say to all the world, you are the best creative studio ever!

Marie Boutteçon
Lee Irvine

“As I mentioned it was very well received, with various comments being made on its realism, lighting and quality. “Very lifestyle”, “Painterly feeling” and “great attention to “colour temperature” are some of the (paraphrased) complements that were mentioned.

Lee Irvine
Brand Visualisation Manager
Nathan Stokes

I wanted to personally thank you all for your hard work bringing our concept to life. The client is very happy and so are we. The detail and time you have put into it shows. I’m excited to use it in our materials!

Nathan Stokes
Senior Art Director
Francine D’Amico

Lizzie, Andrew and everyone who worked on this were fantastic, as usual. I absolutely love working with your team and I hope we can do it again very soon. The client and my team are thrilled with the image. It is beautiful.

Francine D’Amico
Senior Producer
Vector (2)

Can't wait to work with you all again! I know it was a HUGE ask! And you came through like rockstars! So a HUGE thank you is in order! The clients at the pitch were impressed with all the visuals! Cheers, your new art fan!

Samantha Rodriguez
Inventiv Health