We believe that every SB voice, perspective and personal experience helps us be more creative. We're not just artists - we're a team of creative wizards/thinkers - and we evolve through our people.


Be courageous. Take pride. Be collaborative. That’s all we ask of our people. Then we set them free to create some of the most impressive imagery in the industry. Our team of creative directors, artists and producers innovate on a daily basis, and constantly put their creativity on the line to come up with the right solution for our clients. Everyone at Saddington Baynes takes responsibility for the work they produce. This is how we behave...


We're courageous.

We take risks, innovate, inspire and challenge preconceptions.

We take pride.

We exceed expectations, deliver fantastic experiences, lose ourselves in the details and sweat the small stuff.

We collaborate.

We are open with each other and to new ideas, we share techniques, listen, guide and mentor each other. We are considerate, sympathetic, honest and generous. This is how we deliver the SB standard.

Meet the team


Anthony Gregson
Talent and Culture Manager

“I'm proud to say that we genuinely have the nicest, hardest working and most talented people here at SB.”

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Jim Cullen
Senior CG Generalist

“The projects are wonderfully varied and so are the SB personalities.”

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Emma Simpson
Studio Coordinator

“It's a creative, friendly and a mixture of weirdly wonderful people.”

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Steve Page
CG Generalist

“It feels like being in a sitcom, you're never more than a couple of sentences away from having a joke with someone, and each day we just become better friends.”

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Richard Jones
Senior Producer

“No one here wants to let the others down, so you do your best. It’s a good type of pressure to be under.”

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Sephora Bokombe

“Fun, family and creative. Everyone is passionate and just wants to do an amazing job!”

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Sarah Kirkby
Production Coordinator

“Everyone's super friendly here.”

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Glenn Clifford
Senior Lead Retoucher

“It's relaxed here, with a cool environment. The work ethic is also a big part of what we are about and everyone works hard.”

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Callum Gould
Insights Analyst

Being with SB is fantastic. I have been able to learn so much from some brilliant creative people both inside and outside of the work environment.

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Chris Canton
Middleweight CG Artist

“To work at SB feels magical.”

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Lizzie Hill
Executive Producer

Being an integral part of the chain, that ultimately leads to the beautiful visuals we create every day.

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Be courageous. Take pride. Be collaborative. That’s all we ask of our people. Then we set them free to create some of the most impressive imagery in the industry.

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Chris Christodoulou

"Our values aren’t just words painted on a wall, we live them and embody them in everything we do because we want all of our team to enjoy coming to work everyday. Everyone at SB makes a difference and is part of our success and we make sure we recognise that as much as possible."

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Andy White
Creative Director

SB will always explore what's possible and push to surpass ourselves.

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Ben Hawkyard
Pipeline Developer

It's small enough that I feel as though I have time to get to know everyone, and it feels like everyone has a voice in the direction of the work we do.

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Callum Wears
Middleweight Retoucher

“The culture here is so nice, everyone is so lovely and respectful to each other. There seems to be a craze for fancy dress at parties but we can't all be perfect. ”
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Jonathan Elliott
System Support Engineer

I'm really proud to be a part of SB, behind the scenes supporting the great work we do here.

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James Digby-Jones
Executive Creative Director

"My role is to create an environment where people can grow, feel safe to innovate and find their inner magic.  I’m in the business of creating extraordinary work and that comes from incredible talent – we make sure that every voice is heard and make sure to keep an open door policy – our culture is our most treasured possession."

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When exceptional people get together, great things happen - if you can bring something new to the table and make us view things differently - check out our current vacancies and apply now! Or if none of those tickle your fancy, it's worth still dropping us a line at so we can keep in touch! Speak soon.


George Antonopoulos
Technical Nuke Compositor

“It's a very open environment where all suggestions are welcome and there’s a lot of experience in the room to learn from.”

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Sara Alam
Marketing Executive

“The culture here is chilled, but hard-working. Creative, but nerdy. Beer crazed, but only on Fridays at 5.”

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Ellie Lucas
Head of Marketing

“We’re very creative, we look out for each other and we have a good laugh!”

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Halley Docherty
Render Wrangler

“We have a creative, compelling community.”

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Francesco Biscontini
1st Line Support Engineer

It feels good as the company is growing and it's great to see all the amazing results of a completed project.

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Zoe Titman
Junior Texture and Modelling Artist

“Saddington Baynes is a friendly, creative and collaborative place to work.”

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Ronald Chikungwa
Senior CGI Artist

Everyone brings their own vibe and spark to the table.

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Alistair Messom
Lead CG - Automotive

Challenging, creative and a great social atmosphere.

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Andrew Handzyn
Junior Digital Artist

“SB is a fun place to work and it is a great place to learn and grow.”

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Andy Walsh
Head Of Retouch

“The culture at SB is young, creative and inspiring.

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Jasper Corker-Marin
Junior Houdini FX Artist

I hope the work I do here will inspire others to be creative.

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Gosia Bem
Junior CG Generalist

“SB is the perfect balance of professional and social.”

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Reggie the Robot
Master of Mischief

Working at SB feels like there's a bunsen burner in my belly! Like I can do anything, even conquer the world - if I so wished.

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Julia Munro
Digital Marketing Assistant

“The culture at SB is fun and relaxed. Ping Pong tournaments and social gatherings make a fun culture at SB!”

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Katherin Lauinger
Middleweight CG Artist

People are really nice here, it's a comfortable environment. Mondays don't feel like Mondays.

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Megan McLean
Digital Artist

"Sometimes there are dogs, which is nice."

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Olly Crawford
CG Generalist

“SB has a great friendly atmosphere, everyone knows each other and gets along.”

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Phil Brewster
Senior Producer

“SB makes me feel warm and tingly. Everyone loves each other. Seriously.”

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Dean Smith
Head of Systems and Infrastructure

“Here we work very well together, feels like teamwork. People are friendly and helpful. Happy and relaxed.”

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David Tovell
Head of Pipeline

“There is a relaxed and fun culture at Saddington Baynes. People enjoy spending time together here, the company is very inclusive.”

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Luis Cardoso
Art Director

It's a nice creative environment and getting to work in a wide variety of projects."

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Nick Constantinou
Senior Lead Compositor

SB excels at finding any excuse to celebrate, decorate or bake something!

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You are absolutely AMAZING. We have no words! Imagery is splendid and the details - I mean - when the bubble is exploding and transforms into metal; and the movement of the pretty snake. We are full of joy and happiness today. Thank you for your fabulous work, I would love to hug you all right now! We are very lucky we met and now we can say to all the world, you are the best creative studio ever!

Marie boutteçon
Lee Irvine

“As I mentioned it was very well received, with various comments being made on its realism, lighting and quality. “Very lifestyle”, “Painterly feeling” and “great attention to “colour temperature” are some of the (paraphrased) complements that were mentioned.

Lee Irvine
Brand Visualisation Manager