Dean Smith

Senior Systems Administrator

What do you do at SB?

I install, setup and run the companies IT infrastructure. I am also the department head so I fulfil management duties like annual appraisals, budgets and training. I'm also the 3rd line support engineer for the IT staff if they are stuck troubleshooting a problem or need help using the systems I installed.

Why do you love coming to work each day?

The coffee machine and the fact that I get to play with cool kit with like minded IT and Dev staff.

What inspires you to do your job?

At a very young age, I was lucky enough to work for a very large internet company with some very cool tech nerds. The cool things they were doing and achieving inspired me to not only do this as a job but as a hobby and as a general interest also.

What have you enjoyed working on most recently?

Migrating our DR data from a custom solution to a hosted platform with much less day to day management / faster in all aspects and more cost-effective for the business.

How is SB different from other companies you have worked for?

Having worked for consultancy firms and the government in previous positions SB is the first creative study I have worked for. The creative industry brings a whole heap of different challenges like management of big data, squeezing performance out of high-end workstations and local and cloud rendering.

How does it feel to be part of SB?

It's nice to feel part of a small company that gets to feel like a family after time. A little like the Borg #startrek :-)

Describe the culture at SB.

Very well together, feels like teamwork. Friendly and helpful. Happy and relaxed.

What is the most exciting thing about working at SB right now?

New challenges from the production departments

Favourite Project



Vector (4) My favourite projects have been the Guinness Eye and O2 Space Cat.


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