Engagement Insights

Engagement Insights® is our award-winning Neuro-driven Visual Optimisation & Consultation service, where we measure Emotional Pull and Attribute Resonance using the power of Implicit Association.
This service is pioneered for creatives, BY creatives, to enhance, de-risk and optimise creative ideas, before, during and after launch. We believe in creating memorable experiences through emotion and engagement, and this service helps us do just that!
We are the world’s first production studio to harness the power of neuroscience as part of our creative production process. Now, we offer all our clients visual optimisation services as part of our neuro-led creative production experience.
Engagement Insights


We’ve partnered with world-renowned neuromarketing experts CloudArmy, to provide deep insights and predictive analytics about consumer perception by measuring the visual impact, emotional engagement and fit-to-brand of campaign imagery.
We use implicit neuroscience techniques to measure the non-conscious association of imagery against brand values to unlock how consumers really feel and what visual language impacts brand perception. We know that emotions govern our everyday behaviour and now we have a way of testing emotional response without bias.


Testing brand imagery in this way, allows our clients to gain a deeper understanding of campaigns potential value and assess how visual changes impact consumer engagement. This will give them a way to evaluate the visual influence of their brand.
We can measure everything from how specific iterative creative changes affect the perception of your imagery to auditing a brands existing visual identity. This research can be used specifically to refine campaign imagery or can look at the bigger picture such as using Engagement Insights® to build a brand from the ground up.
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There are 3 standard research options we offer, these can be done as separate tests, or together:

Engagement Insights Test Options
Whether you’re interested in researching current image effectiveness, or looking for visual optimisation, during your creative production - our Insight team would love to give you the insight scoop!
If you really want to know how people really feel, don’t ask them!
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The SB BENCHMARK 2020 - launching soon!

To truly understand the impact of imagery, the SB team have undertaken an industry-wide benchmark study across 5 sectors and 3 image categories, in order to reveal patterns and ‘decode’ which visual ingredients have a measurable impact on image perception. This is known as the Saddington Baynes Perception Index®.
We are launching the full Perception Index® on Thursday 21st May 2020 at The D&AD  Festival - looking forward to seeing you there!
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