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Engagement Insights® is our award-winning, visual optimisation & consultation service, testing implicit associations to measure emotional pull and attribute resonance.
Pioneered for creatives, BY creatives, to enhance, validate and optimise creative ideas - this service can be used before or during production, and of course post-launch. We believe in creating memorable experiences through emotion and engagement, and neuro-led creative production ensures we do just that!
We are the world’s first production studio to harness the power of neuroscience during our production process. Now, we offer award-winning visual optimisation services as part of the everyday SB neuro-creative experience.
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Below is a breakdown of the non-conscious, System 1 implicit testing methodologies we offer as part of our neuroscience consultancy service, alongside some other testing methodologies that can help supplement our findings and maximise the time with each respondent:
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Evaluative Priming - Implicit

Speed of Response Test. Provides the most robust insights for emotional engagement and attribute resonance e.g. positive vs negative.

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Fast Choice - Implicit & Explicit

Speed of response & Directionality tests. Best for testing longer and more diffuse attributes e.g. how informed a respondent feels.

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Visual Saliency

Algorithmic approach that predicts which areas of an image attract the most visual attention based visual parameters such as contrast, colour, hue.

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Eye Tracking

Online eye tracking using respondent’s webcam, shows which areas of imagery attract the most visual attention.

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Survey Questions

Qualitative or quantitative survey questions can be asked to understand information recall and explicit opinion.

We’ve partnered with world-renowned neuromarketing experts CloudArmy, to provide deep insights and predictive analytics about consumer perception by measuring the visual impact, emotional engagement and fit-to-brand of campaign imagery.
We use implicit neuroscience techniques to measure the non-conscious association of imagery against brand values to unlock how consumers really feel and what visual language impacts brand perception. We know that emotions govern our everyday behaviour and now we have a way of testing emotional response without bias.
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Research Options

There are 3 standard research options we offer, these can be done as separate tests, or together:


Brand Consistency Testing

Measuring perception of current imagery against core values

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Creative Development Testing

Optimise your creative by testing imagery during production


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Visual Optimisation

Iterative Testing

Changing one visual element at a time and identifying drivers of perception



Testing brand imagery in this way, allows our clients to gain a deeper understanding of campaigns potential value and assess how visual changes impact consumer engagement. We can measure everything from how iterative creative changes affects the image's perception, to auditing a brand's existing visual identity. Engagement Insights® can be used for brand development or to optimise and refine campaign imagery.

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