Nick Constantinou

Senior Lead Compositor

What do you do at SB?

I am the Senior Lead Compositor which means I get all the bits of footage, whether they're renders from CGI or live action footage, sticky-tape them together and make them look pretty. Generally the less evidence you can see of a compositor's work on a shot, the better, which can feel slightly odd at times when people can't see what it is that you've done! It's all about making things look natural and believable. I also build tools and write the odd script .... and the car configurator is my baby.

Why do you love coming to work each day?

I love the warm fuzzy feeling of walking in and feeling like I’m among friends. We also have a collaborative playlist on the go so as long as Rich hasn't added any more tracks by The Worzels, it's nice to work in a room with a variety of music in the background.

What inspires you to do your job?

I get inspired by everyone else at Saddington Baynes and trying to make every piece of work better than the last.

What have you enjoyed working on most recently?

I’ve just finished working on about 20 mammoth car configurators, and although they were quite challenging due to the ever increasing options available on cars these days, they look pretty slick, if I do say so myself. I also dipped my toe into the role of VFX Supervisor on set for the Xarelto job that involved ice-skaters and track cyclists. I'd love to do some more of that. Most recently though, I have been working on a fully CGI automotive RnD animation which has allowed for some extra creativity which has been nice. 

How is SB different from other companies you have worked for?

It’s more friendly and you don’t feel like small cog in a big machine.

How does it feel to be part of SB?

It feels like working in a brilliant pet shop at times. We have a resident little Cockapoo called Ida. And recently we've had 7 Dalmatian puppies and 2 Alpacas in the office to send off a couple of long serving members of staff. Not even joking.

Describe the culture at SB.

SB excels at finding any excuse to celebrate, decorate or bake something!

What is the most exciting thing about working at SB right now?

We are about to go through some big pipeline changes to improve the way we handle our data and make things more efficient. We're also looking into some new softwares so that's exciting! 

Favourite Project

Gaggenau final 1


Vector (4) SB excels at finding any excuse to celebrate, decorate or bake something!

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