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Emotional Effectiveness Benchmark for Creatives

What is Perception Index®?

In a world where emotional campaigns are nearly twice as likely to generate a high ROI – and 95% of consumer decisions are made nonconsciously - we wanted to better understand the consumers' emotional responses and perception of various campaigns, without the bias inherent in traditional explicit testing methods. 
Using our Engagement Insights® tool, our in-house Neuromarketing team conducted an industry-wide benchmark study, analysing hundreds of images across a vast range of brand campaigns. Selecting a range of campaign image styles from the Automotive, Beverage, Cosmetic, Fragrance and Watch sectors, we tested 50 brands against key marketing metrics. The results make up the Perception Index® - a revealing set of insights on how consumers truly felt about the campaigns they saw and how that shaped their perception of the brands.
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Benchmark Highlights

The 2019/2020 benchmark ranks 50 brands in 5 sectors, across different image categories. Split by demographics, we measured against core marketing metrics to unlock the emotional response and Perception Index®.

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Our Methodology - Implicit, psychometric testing

Filtered respondents are recruited and taken through a speed of response test, where we are able to measure implicit associations between specific words and imagery. Taking testing out of the lab and into the home, we tap into nonconscious emotional response, which gives us robust and valuable insight into consumer perception, and thus potential behaviour.
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Chance encounters are part of the pleasant surprises of destiny, creative people meet, and scenarios come to life, giving birth to splendid imagery that with passion are transformed into films with soul. Collaborating with Saddington Baynes has been a fantastic creative experience. They have revealed the poetry and magic of our watch collection and truly brought to life the details that embody our bezels!

The team are exceptional and we rarely work with companies where the bosses, like Chris and James, are fully integrated with their artists to share their passion and imagination. From their Art Director, Marketing and Producer team to their Production Assistant - the SB squad hit the perfect balance and have transformed our products beyond the limits of photography and into the realms of poetry, art and fascination. We can't recommend them highly enough.

Etienne Ruffieux & Marie Boutteçon

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