Production Assistant

Reporting to the Senior Producer

SB is an award-winning Creative Production Agency with an international reach that produces beautiful imagery and digital solutions for brands and advertising agencies.

We were the original pioneers of digital retouching in 1991, and one of the very first post-production studios to fully harness the potential of CGI and develop in-house capability. Today, we continue to innovate and stretch creative and technical boundaries, with fully integrated production that encompasses everything from CGI, motion and VFX to shoot production and VR.



Key Responsibilities

  • Working alongside the Creative Directors and producers to put together pitch and production documents & shoot plans, producing client documents.
  • Liaising directly with Senior Producers on the projects to collate feedback and add to fTrack, review and manage spreadsheets, client & internal, for cross-referencing, visual checking & QC’ing interim & final assets.
  • Work as an on-set runner, assisting the crew and helping with equipment Ensure that photographic shoot runs smoothly.
  • (Skills) Motion Capture & 3D scanning, Lightroom
  • Attend Client meetings and capture actions & circulate?
  • PDF creation for internal & client presentations
  • Shoot set up & attendance as required to assist Producer in all aspects – Running from booking taxis, lunch run, note taking and checklist prompts (as needed)
  • Attend daily scrums / weekly PM meetings
  • Update the “Daily board” for complex projects when needed.
  • Add projects to Ftrack.
  • Knowledge and a passion for technology relating to media and post-production


Meet our People

Marie Boutteçon

You are absolutely AMAZING. We have no words! Imagery is splendid and the details - I mean - when the bubble is exploding and transforms into metal; and the movement of the pretty snake. We are full of joy and happiness today. Thank you for your fabulous work, I would love to hug you all right now! We are very lucky we met and now we can say to all the world, you are the best creative studio ever!

Marie Boutteçon
Lee Irvine

“As I mentioned it was very well received, with various comments being made on its realism, lighting and quality. “Very lifestyle”, “Painterly feeling” and “great attention to “colour temperature” are some of the (paraphrased) complements that were mentioned.

Lee Irvine
Brand Visualisation Manager
Nathan Stokes

I wanted to personally thank you all for your hard work bringing our concept to life. The client is very happy and so are we. The detail and time you have put into it shows. I’m excited to use it in our materials!

Nathan Stokes
Senior Art Director
Francine D’Amico

Lizzie, Andrew and everyone who worked on this were fantastic, as usual. I absolutely love working with your team and I hope we can do it again very soon. The client and my team are thrilled with the image. It is beautiful.

Francine D’Amico
Senior Producer
Vector (2)

Can't wait to work with you all again! I know it was a HUGE ask! And you came through like rockstars! So a HUGE thank you is in order! The clients at the pitch were impressed with all the visuals! Cheers, your new art fan!

Samantha Rodriguez
Inventiv Health