Ronald Chikungwa

Senior CGI Artist

What do you do at SB?

I'm a Senior CGI Artist and focus on prepping the data for all our Auto projects.

Why do you love coming to work each day?

The people at Sadds are all very friendly and helpful, so working with them makes my job easy and enjoyable. Plus, SB's situated in the heart of London, meaning there's a plethora of interesting activities nearby for me to check out after work!

What inspires you to do your job?

I have a passion for CGI and am continuously learning new techniques to create stunning imagery from the team surrounding me. SB is at the forefront of the industry and I'm proud to work for a company that's so well known for it's impressive work.

What have you enjoyed working on most recently?

Recently, I've been working on a new Honda configurator for a car that is yet to be launched! This is so exciting and has been a project fuelled by high energy levels! I've spent time collaborating with teams in different departments to integrate all our skills, which has been an absolute pleasure.

How is SB different from other companies you have worked for?

At SB my input and efforts actually matter and have a direct impact on the work we create. As an artist I'm responsible for specific aspects of the project and it's amazing to have that kind of trust and control.

How does it feel to be part of SB?

It's amazing! I've enjoyed every second of working here. The team are the the best I've every had the pleasure of working with and I can't wait to work with them on many more projects to come!

Describe the culture at SB.

Everyone brings their own vibe and spark to the table. We all have a shared love of CGI in film, TV and print which brings us all together.

What is the most exciting thing about working at SB right now?

There are some very creative projects in production at the moment, being able to discuss and input my advice is really exciting! Each new challenge presents an opportunity to learn and grow. The diversity of the work keeps me interested and keen to find out what's coming next!

Favourite Project

Stoli small


Vector (4) Everyone brings their own vibe and spark to the table.

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