Sephora Bokombe


What do you do at SB?

I’m a producer at SB, specifying in the exciting world of automotive as well as working on other creative projects... I work with clients all over the world and make sure that all cars look amazing, in different colours, styles and environments.

Why do you love coming to work each day?

Apart from all the exciting work we do, it would be the team and the atmosphere. There’s not one day that goes by without me laughing and I think that’s pretty great. Everyone’s really friendly and we all have each other’s back here at SB. There’s always someone to offer a helping hand if need be, it’s very comforting.

What inspires you to do your job?

Being able to see the innovative end products I have produced, whilst working alongside the incredibly talented artists in my team.

What have you enjoyed working on most recently?

Bremont watches – I really enjoyed being involved at all stages of creative alongside the client was really fun and interesting. I was able to even get the opportunity to visit the factory and learn how all the intricate detailed pieces are put together and learn about their functionalities.

How is SB different from other companies you have worked for?

Here at SB, we’re a close-knit team who look out for one other and always push each other to be the best we can be. It’s refreshing to be in such a positive environment.

How does it feel to be part of SB?

I feel proud knowing that I’m a part of such an exciting talented team, who are so driven and creative.

Describe the culture at SB.

Fun, Family and creative. Everyone is passionate and just wants to do an amazing job!

What is the most exciting thing about working at SB right now?

You never know what you could be working on next!

Favourite Project

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Vector (4) Fun, Family and creative. Everyone is passionate and just wants to do an amazing job!

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