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From final retouching, compositing, VFX, to sound design and grading, every piece of work is the perfect marriage of beautiful and believeable imagery, which for over 25 years continues to exceed expectations.

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Post-Production is ingrained in us from our heritage as a retouching studio; making stunning imagery is an integral part of our DNA. We are the experts in all forms of Post-Production; from creative retouching and colour grading to compositing and editing. It is our implicit understanding of the rules of photography, gained over the last three decades, that allows us to play with, emulate and, on occasion, bend those rules in the CGI we create.

One of our key skills remains the ability to bring disparate elements together and blend them into one seamless, stunning whole. It no longer matters whether these elements are static or moving; whether the brief is for a 20,000 pixel image or 4k animation mixed with live action. We transform images through lighting and colour, grading and nuance, creating strong, evocative moods that give campaign ideas a distinctive visual narrative.

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Wylie Moran

We have worked with Saddington Baynes to create a short movie for one of our client within very tight timings. The lovely team immediately understood our needs and came up with a very smart and efficient way to bring our concept to life. We worked hand in hands with daily contacts with the team and the client was delighted by the result!

Catherine Bagnoud
Wonder Work


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