To create a time lapse slice of earth representing the growing cycle of a sweet potato in Northern California for Alexia's 'Farm to Flavour' campaign. This campaign was all about highlighting freshness with visuals of their product seemingly pulled straight from the farm ground with foliage and roots appropriate to each vegetable.
This culminated in a live action shot of the farmer pulling the vegetables from the ground with a slight of hand to reveal them as the actual product pack shot. Campaign consistency was key and we were able to perfectly match the motion ending spot to the print ads, using the very same assets with added animation. Building the packs in CGI allowed DDB the freedom to explore all aspects of their styling from the degree of plumpness and surface reflections to strategically fashioned creases, perfectly matched in lighting to the photography of the talent, roots and foliage to ensure a seamless marriage in compositing.


Client Alexia

 Agency DDB California

Photographer Andric

DOP Nigel Crane

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