BAC Mono film
A continuation from the Ferrari 488 Spyder still series, our SBLABs team chose British supercar BAC Mono to feature as their model in their latest dynamic, evocative and powerfully visceral fully CGI animation. 
Working with the brand’s CAD data, they devised, designed and delivered a film that exhibits the complete creative freedom of CG Production. The film features complex lighting, camera angles and animation scenarios that not only embodies the complete thrill of the Mono, but showcases the flexibility of creating content within a CGI virtual world.


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My favourite project is the BAC Mono. Seriously, I think this is a great example of a full CGI film which showcases a broad range of complex CGI disciplines. In a filmic and imaginative way.

Alistair Messom
Lead Automotive Artist



Brand BAC Mono

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