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Collaborating with photographer Andy Glass we brought this beautiful series of prints to life for Corona's 'Find Your Beach' outdoor campaign.

Andy organised a shoot with a sandpit, deck chairs and plants and an oversized Corona bottle which was used to cast shades over the different elements for accurate shadowing. He shot all the different elements that went into each scene, including a beach, bar, cityscape and the poolside. The main challenge during post-production was synchronising the lighting within the scenes. Working with elements that had different real-world scales we composited these disparate elements and unified them into single photographic moments. It was important that as a campaign the images all felt part of a set, even if the locations and lighting styles were different. They were treated with the same set of rules when it came to bending hues. With the Corona bottle as the hero in each image, we were able to develop the sun motif within each beach scene in order to create the consistent lighting element marrying the bottles across the campaign.

Corona final 1
Corona final 2


Client Corona
Agency Cramer-Krasselt, Chicago
Photographer Andy Glass

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