Ekocycle animation

After a successful presentation at Bulletproof’s Creative Festival, we were excited to work with the agency on their new campaign brief for Will.i.am and Coca-Cola’s business venture: Ekocycle, ahead of its UK launch in London’s unique Harrods superstore.


Our VFX skills enabled us to create an exquisite CGI animation, embodying the message of recyclability and rejuvenation by showing PET bottles from dis-fragmentation as butterfly chips that metamorphose, into threads that weave before reforming into new products. We collaborated with Bulletproof from early in the idea stage and provided a creative process that enabled the idea to be explored and developed to realise the full potential of the campaign across in-store feature boards and strong brand messaging via various social media platforms.



Client Ekocycle
Agency Bulletproof
Award International Creativity Awards Gold - Best Animation

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