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As a luxury brand with an illustrious heritage, Gaggenau prides themselves on their expressive designs and bold appliances, the quality and versatility of which needs to be articulated in their marketing imagery. In this latest long-term campaign, we were tasked with visualising their entire product range within a fully CGI home environment. Producing over 150+ images, which contained a blend of hero ‘Inspiration’ shots, product shots, detail shots and configurable line-ups in multiple colours and finishes, our artists designed and crafted two distinct interior spaces to showcase Gaggenau's 400 and 200 product series respectively. 

The ambition of the campaign was to inspire customers to make a statement in their own homes, whilst expressing the many ways their products can be combined. What better way to do this than by presenting the products in a realistic yet aspirational ‘living situation’. This is where our knowledge of architectural environments came into play, teaming up with the company that designs Gaggenau’s showrooms to ensure accuracy. Throughout this project, we brought our level of photographic integrity and evocative lighting to both the interior design and to the products, achieving the highest level of consistency across every shot. We chose to utilise photography for the main house images and as backdrops outside the kitchen space, replacing their kitchens with the CGI versions.

Lighting was essential to create the right mood for each environment. The rustic, avant-garde look is a signature for previous Gaggenau campaigns, and therefore was considered in building the more expansive kitchen space for the 400 series; whilst the 200 series environment has a much brighter setting based on urban living. 
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Gaggenau 200 Series

Gaggenau 200 Series final 4
Gaggenau 200 Series - final 2 Gaggenau 200 Series - final 2 before
Gaggenau 200 Series Chalks
Gaggenau 200 Series final 3
Close-up crops of the products are used to help the customer visualise the space and further accentuate the usability of the digital home-setting as it would be used. We used lighting and surface details that are both incredibly photorealistic
and show the products in their best light.
Gaggenau 200 Series - Digital Scouting
Our Digital Scouting process uses real-world information to build accurate digital spaces. In our previous project with Gaggenau for the Cooling 400 film, we used cutting-edge Lidar scanning equipment to create a 3D point cloud of the whole environment and the house we shot in Seattle. Using this data, we were able to reconstruct the environment as the basis of the 400 series imagery, allowing us to modify the size and layout of the kitchen in which to place the products, whilst having complete control over lighting and cameras.

Gaggenau 400 Series

Gaggenau 400 Series final 2
Gaggenau 400 Series final 4 before Gaggenau 400 Series final 4 after
Gaggenau 400 Series Chalks 2
Gaggenau 400 Series final 6
Gaggenau 400 Series - Digital Scouting
Gaggenau 400 Series final 5

We see extraordinary architectural statements as something that should be seen in all spheres of life, from film to reality. Staged beautifully and with perfect illumination, Saddington Baynes' imagery is no longer simply about storing wine or refrigerating, but making a statement. We look to a continued partnership with Saddington Baynes for our image production needs. 

Patricia Heinis
Head of Content and Channels


Brand Gaggenau

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