Gaggenau Steam Film
Working closely with our regular Director and Cinematographer at Maker Productions, our Creative Director conceptualised the storyboard and look development based on a brief from Lime Creative, applying the avant-garde aesthetic we’d established for Gaggenau during previous films. Our in-house videographer and the team at Maker shot the visuals of the artist and the chef applying their creativity on canvas and plate respectively, all the while taking inspiration from existing still life paintings found in art galleries worldwide; the results are both stunning and emotive. Whilst on-set, we provided our VFX solutions to create an efficient shoot process that allowed us to blend seamlessly with the CGI production stage.
Gaggenau Steam Final 1

As with all our Gaggenau work, the appliances in each film are animated in CGI for future-proofing flexibility. Our artists stylistically matched between the live-action footage and CGI motion shots for consistency across every shot. By keeping the CGI, compositing, editing and soundtrack all in-house, we created a strikingly emotive visual journey of Gaggenau’s 'Grand Masters’ concept for the launch of their signature steam ovens.

Gaggenau Steam before Gaggenau Steam after
Gaggenau - Steam chalks



Drum Design Awards blue logo




Brand Gaggenau
Director Maker Projects
Creative Direction Andrew White
Film Production Saddington Baynes/Maker Projects
Post-Production Saddington Baynes

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