Honda Civic Final 1
At Saddington Baynes, we've worked on multiple launches for the stunning Honda Civic. The following visuals showcase some of the projects we have produced over the years, all of which highlights our world-renowned CGI automotive expertise. For more information, click here. 
Honda Civic Final 2

For the Civic Sedan, we produced a series of still images to be used in brochures as well as syndication by Honda’s PR department.

A key aspect of this production was the decision not to shoot on location or use a physical car. So from sourcing the location imagery, and casting and shooting the talent, to pre-visualising every shot and rendering CGI cars, we provided a truly integrated and efficient solution that delivered premium quality assets. We used a stock library resource for the backgrounds and created pre-visualisations showing the vehicle at the desired angle within each shot. Our CGI team then spent time refining textures and shades to match the reference photography. Despite a very quick turnaround on many shots – we often had just one day to complete a full shot – our creative team delivered a series of beautiful, realistic and engaging images that defined the look of the 2016 North American Car of the Year.

Honda Civic Final 4
Honda Civic Final 3

Working with Razorfish and RPA, we created a series of brochure stills and 4K animated assets for the Civic Coupé's online site navigation experience. This included building CGI locations and engineering loop-able sequences to help promote the new Civic Coupé on Honda’s website.

As part of the production of these animations, our production team shot 4k live action elements and integrated them into the CGI and photographic environments in order to create the various cinema-graphs. Using our unique Cuttlefish® workflow allows our specialist Automotive team the ultimate flexibility and versatility to work at any resolution from 10k print to 4k renders - meaning our clients get the most beautiful and incredibly detailed future proof imagery in the industry.



Client Honda

Agency RPA

Photographer Erik Chmil

Locations Saddington Baynes / Erik Chmil

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