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The Honda e is the company’s first all-electric vehicle, and we were proud to be part of the launch of this distinctively designed car that is chock full of new technology.

Click here to try the configurator first-hand on Honda’s website.

Honda e - still 1

To bring the launch to life, Honda wanted to utilise new technology to provide an engaging and personalised online and mobile Configurator experience that allows the user to fully interact with the car exterior and interior, change options and see it in multiple environments, emulating the experiences normally only available at a dealership with real-time point of sales tools that typically use gaming engines running on local hardware.

Using the latest in real-time technology, we devised and built an interactive experience using WebGL that integrates directly into Honda’s existing web and UI infrastructure and can be accessed through 99.9% of all devices and browsers without the need for any plug-ins, downloads or live streaming, ultimately delivering the most cost-effective and innovative solution available.
Honda e - still 2
Honda e - still 3

The key challenge was to deliver the best performance and speed whilst preserving visual quality, allowing for the fact that it needed to be available across a huge range of both mobile and desktop devices, meaning the experience needed to work irrespectively of the consumer’s device, hardware, display mechanism, and operating system.

Utilising our years of expertise in delivering complex layer-based configurators using thousands of still image assets, we fused this experience with real-time technology to widen the possibilities and push the boundaries with WebGL. In doing so, we applied our rigorous quality assurance processes at every stage of production, giving our artists the freedom to push the limits of the technology to deliver a high-quality visual experience.

Click here to try the configurator first-hand on Honda’s website.
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CGI Environment

Honda e - CGI environment


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