As part of the brand new Pan-European Configurator project launch - involving all 8 Honda models- we were tasked to create fully customisable image assets for the all new hybrid super car, the NSX, in 5 exterior and three interior angles, in 8 colours with all packs and accessories, plus market-specific assets for the UK.
The most exacting and critical part of any Configurator is the careful preparation of the CAD data, ensuring 100% accuracy against the product information for each market.

Working closely with Honda's marketing and product team and DigitasLBi, we conceived and delivered 168 assets within a flexible layered structure that allowed for up to 16,448 possible combinations.

To heighten the level of aspiration and luxury for the revival of the iconic super car, we sourced and selected some evocative shots of China's amazing new Harbin Opera House (courtesy of MAD architects and photographer Adam Mørk), for the backdrop of the NSX, that complimented the NSX's sleek design. Adding a new CGI floor and incorporating the warm lighting and shadow cues from the background, we were then able to achieve complete visual consistency across all shots.

We ran an Engagement Insights® test to gain predictive analytics of consumer perception, focusing on different compositions of the car and the environment during production. Four backgrounds were tested with slight detail variations to help understand which combination of car and environment would most positively resonate with customers.

Once again, those slight variations resulted in marked differences in response. We shared the results and our recommendations, helping to optimise overall visual impact and emotional engagement for this series of visually stunning and aspirational images.


Client Honda
Agency Digitas LBi

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