Honda Real View Test Drive


We created a series of engaging online films for Honda's Real View Test Drive campaign. Our visual designs showcased the key features of Honda's Jazz, HR-V, CR-V and all-new Civic models – effective across 22 markets in 17 languages. The films take place in a unique virtual ‘Showroom’, specifically designed to engage viewers on a subconscious emotional level, as well as uphold Honda’s brand values.

Honda Real View Test Drive final 1
Engagement Insights®
Honda's largest pan-European campaign to date was launched using clear predictive analytics about the public's emotional response to imagery, supplied by Saddington Baynes. In a world first for any Auto brand, Honda have successfully applied Implicit neuroscience techniques throughout campaign production, helping to shape and define key visual language.

Working closely with Digitas LBi, we designed and built a CGI 'showroom' environment where prospective buyers can enjoy and online learning experience about key features and innovations of the Honda range. This project required an army of automotive specialists, a robust proprietary pipeline and input from our unique Engagement Insights® consultancy service.

Engagement Insights® was able to uncover consumer responses using neuroscience techniques to identify and optimise key points of visual impact. We fused together live video, CGI and motion graphics, smoothly turning a large scale integrated production into a streamlined campaign launch. Altogether, we delivered almost 60 minutes of content for the 20 digital films: over 300 shots and 900 outputs for four different vehicles!
Honda Real View Test Drive Layouts
Architectural Studies
Using Engagement Insights® we deciphered the best style of architecture to use in the animations that both kept in line with Honda’s brand imagery and provided an ergonomic space for our CG artists to work to tell the story in the clearest, most effective way possible. 
We provided a number of different options to test against consumers responses, and with the results we were able to refine and enhance the CG environment to match up to these responses.
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“The amount of lens flare or motion blur – are all things that might normally be left to a creative’s personal choice or gut feeling. What we’ve seen is that these ingredients, from the tiniest changes, can in fact have a considerable emotional impact on the end audience.”

James Digby-Jones
Executive Creative Directos

Graphic Language


Due to the scale of this campaign, it was vital to measure potential impact on buyers before the campaign went live. Engagement insights® allowed us and the team at LBi to validate key creative decisions - such as realising the perfect environmental design for the showroom, colour and light, and material finishes.

By providing tangible evidence of our imagery's effectiveness, instead of relying purely on gut instinct, we gave our client confidence that creative potential of Real View Test Drive would be maximised.



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“The work completed by Saddington Baynes' Engagement Insights® for the Real View Test Drive campaign was key in identifying the right look and feel for the virtual ‘showroom’ sections of the film. The team created an architectural space that perfectly captures our brand values.

EI allowed for testing of our content throughout the development process, predicting how the consumer would react while validating the gut instincts of our agency team. The insight was invaluable in our effort to create distinctive imagery that maintains relevance to the customer.”

Louise Furneaux
European Communications Manager


Client Honda Motor Europe
Agency Digitas LBi
CIM | Marketing Excellence Awards 2018 Best Use of Data and Insight - Large

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