The original brief was to create a three-second animation depicting a Jägermeister bottle being enveloped in the botanicals and spices that form its ingredients.
Working with Red Brick Road from concept pitch visual to elegant end sequence for Jägermeister's latest TVC, our team collaborated closely with the agency, production company and director to bring to life the story of the 56 different botanicals that are combined by experts called 'Meisters' who work to the secret recipe.

Highly detailed and textured organic models were animated to grow and frame the bottle, which was placed in a forest setting, gently lit by flickering embers to echo the final moments of the live action TVC as a Stag is crafted from the physical botanicals and ignited in a ‘burning man’ style celebration.


Jagermeister final


Client Jägermeister

Agency Red Brick Road

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