We created an invisible bottle pouring wine into a glass - with a quintessentially Mediterranean feel - for a 15 sec. animated TVC, series of online films and large format print artworks for the campaign launch of Mateus Rosé's brand new 'clear glass’ bottle packaging.


Technically, the real challenge here was the bottle being invisible. The absence of a glass container that would naturally add surface imperfections, layers of refractive distortion and surface refraction, laid the wine bare and as a result we needed to create visual interest with a higher threshold of complexity in the dynamic CGI simulation. Through a bespoke recipe of fizz, surface tension, foam, pour dynamics and bubbles being formed in the neck - where it would naturally glug - we explored and crafted complex interactions in order to create a seemingly natural moment of a virtual reality.


Through delicate lighting and lens flare design and our bespoke CGI Spritz system, we coated the glass and ‘bottle that wasn’t there’ in glistening condensation, enhancing the richness and warmth of the Mediterranean.



Client Mateus

Agency Havas Worldwide

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