Tortellini Compillation

For our 2020 Christmas campaign, we endeavoured to visualise and reflect on 2020. The brief was to produce a campaign using our shared experiences of how we have all learnt to adapt, evolve and reconnect in lockdown life.

We wanted to touch on certain feelings, which ultimately steered the creative direction. We wanted the campaign to reflect feelings of isolation, unity and connection throughout the year and developed a character that is continuously moving through time, alone, which serves as the perfect visual metaphor for the year. And so, a new SB member was born: #TortelliniTheTortoise.

Tortellini travels through the year, month by month, telling our collective lockdown story and how we reconnected with each other in a virtual world.

Our artists produced 15 short animations for our social campaign: one for each month of the year, a Thanksgiving and NYE bonus, plus our beautiful Christmas card.

Tortellini Render Swipes Making Of
Working to a tight timeframe, our artists storyboarded and directed each scene with specific emphasis on UK trends. To work efficiently, we created a rigged CG tortoise, who could then be used as the master asset in all the virtual environments. This allowed us to craft the animations in real-time, literally as the monthly news was unfolding.

A combination of CGI and photography was used in the set builds, with particular attention to detail to recreate ‘uncanny’ scenes. From the hairs on our virtual talent’s arms, #ReggieTheRobot’s guest appearances, to the reflections and CG London road scenes, our artists had full creative freedom from concept development to final delivery of this SB masterpiece.
Meet The Creator

Not all heroes wear capes but in this campaign, we celebrated the power of CG for its creative flexibility, ultimately becoming the unspoken hero of 2020 marketing. From giving us the ability to visually and emotionally capture the year, to staying creative and ultimately connected - CG has been our lifeline. Bringing this historic year to life, we hope to have celebrated the reconnections of Zooms, summer garden BBQs, board games, while visualising lockdown isolation. And to check we’ve done it justice, we used our neuroscience tool, Engagement Insights®, to understand the campaigns overall effectiveness.

Tortellini BTS - After Tortellini BTS - Before
Tortellini - August After Tortellini - August Chalk
Tortellini - September After Tortellini - September Chalk
Tortellini BTS - Details After_v2 Tortellini BTS - Details Before_v2



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