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What if we redefined beauty; with marketing that casts aside unrealistic beauty standards and damaging ideologies. What if we made every person, in every culture feel inspired, validated and beautiful with our advertising...

It's no secret that the beauty industry has begun to change the way they advertise. With a move away from more traditional marketing, the industry has embraced a wave of new creative thinking and nontraditional methods to produce multi-channel campaigns. This change in approach intrigued and inspired the SB team to think about how our creative and production expertise could be used to redefine beauty, challenge perception and give way to a new form of beauty advertising.

Our 'Redefining Beauty' showcase explores the power of CGI and FX - taking reference from iconic trailblazers including Alexander Mcqueen and Kevyn Aucoin - to look at abstraction, misconception and complementary contrasts. Using CG, we've freed ourselves from the constraints of photography, experimenting with the motion of physics, photo-realism and abstraction to see how we can inspire awe, authenticity and beauty.

From pencils snapping to release breathtaking powder explosions to seamless nail polish swipes - our creative team has successfully directed and crafted an edgy, forward thinking and stunning film, that demonstrates the flexibility of CGI - while channelling a new style and concept for beauty brands.

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International Creativity 2020 Gold Award

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