We produced a series of still images and animation for a new Strongbow flavour. The campaign was to launch nationwide, taking pride of place on the iMax cinema at London Waterloo.

As we were commissioned to create both the above and below-the-line assets we used an ‘Intelligent Content’ approach – creating everything for multiple channels for consistency and to avoid cost duplication.


Initially, our artists conducted detailed studies in light and transparency to deliver a photographic experience. Pose and composition were key to the creative, with the focus on subtle expressions and movements. Because of this, the component parts were designed in a way that allowed our artists to choreograph the snakes while the environment reacted around them. This created efficiencies and saved time, ensuring the client’s budget went further.

Strongbow Citrus Edge final 2


Lurzers archive award blue logo
Strongbow Citrus Edge final 4
Strongbow Citrus Edge final 3
Strongbow Dark Fruit Final 3


Client Strongbow

Agency St Luke’s, London

Award Lüzer's Archive 200 Best Digital Artists

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