We created a unique CGI environment taking reference from various natural patterns occurring in nature - including sea urchins, sunflowers and pine cones, and using these forms to create procedural geometric patterns of the floor surface under the water for the Toyota Mirai OOH eco-billboard print campaign.


Working with Saatchi & Saatchi LA, we designed a CGI floor pattern that glows and emits light and patterns through water. Using a specialist procedural visual effects system, we re-created various mathematical algorithms to simulate natural geometric structures, then we crafted the image by balancing the turbulence of the water's surface with vibrant light emissions from the shape's under the water to give the look and feel of a fluid surface.


Using CGI and seamlessly blending in photographic references gave Toyota the flexibility to emulate the car's unique features and design with a bespoke and natural environment reflective of it's technological developments, helping their OOH campaign stand out against the crowd.

Toyota Mirai Floors - Snail
Toyota Mirai Floors - Urch


Client Toyota

Agency Saatchi & Saatchi, LA

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