To produce an integrated still & loop-able motion campaign of a patient inside a water balloon. The print asset needed to capture a frozen moment of the patient’s bed sheets and hair billowing against the water, whilst the bed bobbed within the balloon. The motion required independent live moments of billowing and fluttering effects, while the balloon swung and the bed bobbed weightlessly.

Consistency is key in any integrated campaign so this conceptual piece needed clever planning to allow the stills and motion elements to marry up. 

Our expert Shoot Production team were able to conceive a Stills & Motion setup to maximise consistency across all the shoot assets. Key to this was our pre-shoot visualisation service where we deconstructed the multiple plates of stills, footage and CGI that would be required for maximum flexibility and direct-ability all the way into post-production. The whole scene was shot against a blue infinity cove, which gave us the ability to key the action while at the same time representing the inside of the far ballon surface, with lighting being matched from the exterior balloon shoot, to the scene within. Wind machines were set to work, driving the action and shooting super slo-motion we captured the bursts of balletic performance.
Our secret weapon was our on set portable 3d scanner that presented us with a perfect 3d scan of our patient in bed - with accurate lighting and camera positions. This allowed us to composite our billowing footage and project it onto a CGI double that could be independently animated. This whole effect lived within an integrated photography and CGI balloon world with animated spritz, which was finished off by our hand model doctor, poised needle in hand, to complete the story.
Using integrated techniques like these effectively saves valuable production time and costs, meaning that more energy can be spent crafting the most engaging consistent visuals!


Photographer Sara Forrest

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