To create high-res print and animation pieces visualising the risks of a virus-driven disease for an educational awareness campaign.


The Concept
Using a striking visual metaphor, the imagery depicts the hull of a boat navigating its way through a series of rusted, algae-covered mines that echo the shape of the virus cells, in murky and threatening water. The boat plays an active role in the imagery, being hyper-aware of the risks below, monitoring its disposition and highlighting the risks without necessarily providing a solution or safe haven, which was integral to the campaign's brief and purpose.
The SB creative team brought their brief, storyboard and style references to life for this incredible awareness-driven campaign.
Water Mines - concept

Modelling the mine

From researching historical naval mines through to emulating virus cell structures, the team explored various iterations of the mine's design, in order to bring to life an ominous antagonist evocative of a virus cell.
After the structural modelling, look development of the materiality, lighting and colour palette allowed us to establish the mood and creative style required.
Creative Exploration
To determine camera location, angles and lighting, particularly for the animation, we pre-visualised various compositions of the scene. With the wide frame and low camera angle, distortion of certain elements required careful correction to create a realistic sense of depth.
Using water and bubble simulations, the FX team replicated a realistic underwater scene. Various studies of ripples and water movement both above and below the waterline were rendered to understand the flow and detail of the seascape, with particular focus on the boat's direction and camera angle.
Attention to detail
Once the scenes were rendered, our retouch and compositing teams enhanced the mood, textures, lighting and colour palettes and the atmospheric nuances and detail of the sea bed, producing a believable replica of an underwater minefield and incredibly evocative campaign.
The final campaign imagery is a beautiful example of how CG gives ultimate flexibility to explore stunning creative concepts and visual metaphors with fewer logistical roadblocks.
Water Mines - slider before Water Mines - slider after




Client Water Mines
Agency Evoke Giant San Francisco

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